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Whether you are trying to deal with grief, or having a hard time with anxiety and depression I am available to help you via email counselling and or video counselling.

The written word is very powerful.  Having the opportunity to express yourself in a safe space is so important.  Together with having our counselling sessions written down so you can read them over and over again is such a valuable opportunity for anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Alternatively, if you prefer video, then being able to speak to me in the comfort of your home is also available too.

I have been able to combine both my love of writing and expertise, both lived and academic to provide you a counselling experience that is not restricted to location or time.  Video provides you with the convenience of not having to leave your home, worry about traffic, travel or parking.

I look forward to offering you a unique service.  The future is changing and as professional therapists, we must adapt.


“I cannot find the correct words that permit me to adequately explain my gratitude to Pamela for her ability to lift me out of a very bleak time, except to say very simply “thank You”! JK.

“Great, great email session. Being able to re-read and refer back has been immensely beneficial. A new way of thinking and actionables. I’m excited to take action for myself.. Thank you!” (s.)

“Pamela is a heart centred therapist. She was so patient with me. She helped me with counselling assignments and volunteer position applications. I was able to get a basic counselling certificate because of her help. She was always available to revise and check my work. She is really a good human being as well as a sharp, intuitive and intelligent professional. I really do recommend her. She comes from a place of genuine care and concern. “P.R,UK

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My Services

Grief can be so consuming.  If you have lost a loved one, a pet, a job, or maybe a close friendship and you find yourself trying to process the trauma but can’t then it’s time to talk. It is a deeply personal experience and counselling can be a safe way to safely walk through your grief and find ways to cope with life circumstances.

Feeling overwhelmed and just not coping?  It feels as if your heart is about to jump out of your chest and you are sweating and it’s not hot?  Anxiety can be so debilitating.  You may find yourself shifting between anxiety and depression.  One day you feel ok and the next you just can’t function. I show you how to manage with therapy, exercise and nutrition.

I am able to provide social companionship and other assistance.  Whether it be for shopping, outings, or helping with a hospital stay, I would love to assist you.  As an NDIS provider I can offer my services to help you with your support plan, if you need counselling or possibly domestic assistance.  Provider no: 4050013847

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