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Why Do People Simply Give Up Applying for Jobs?

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Many of us have spent endless hours searching through the likes of SEEK and other sites, applying for jobs.  When you find a job, you think to yourself –  I can do this.  You start the process of applying online.  This process can take anywhere from one hour to a few days.  You finish the letter, make sure your resume is right to go and hit that all-important send button. Then you wait and wait and wait.

After a few weeks have passed, you assume that you didn’t make the short list so you send an email asking for some feedback.

Then you wait and wait and wait.  After another week, you then ask for constructive feedback to put to good use for your next application.

Then you wait and wait and wait.  Still no answer.

 Oh Wait – a Response

We have received numerous applications from well qualified and experienced candidates. Unfortunately, on this occasion your application was unsuccessful and an appointment has now been made.”

Not one ounce of constructive feedback in that response.  Applicants are like a commodity; we are bought and sold on the employment market.

I remember one job I applied for a couple of years ago.  I sent in the cover letter and application over Seek.  Then I waited.  I finally received a response saying:

Unfortunately, ***** does not provide feedback with regards to individual applications. Unsuccessful applicants are always encouraged to reapply for any future vacancies if they are interested in a career with ****. Future vacancies will appear on the ***** website *****, local newspapers, Australian Jobsearch, and SEEK.”

I decided to contact the employer and ask for feedback as I was not happy with their lack of information.  I was transferred a few times, put on hold then told “I am sorry we don’t provide feedback.

Then I asked  “how do I know where I went wrong?”  Their response was “simply apply next time there is a vacancy.”  Then I said, “but I will end up making the same mistake.”  There was silence on the phone.

It’s easy to understand why many people simply give up applying for jobs.  Either they receive no feedback or if they do it’s a stock standard response.  They don’t know where they are going wrong.

When the employers or agencies read the cover letters they know what they read and what they don’t like.  Is it too much to transfer these thoughts onto paper to provide feedback to the applicant? That is why people simply give up applying for jobs.  

Applicants deserve a response that is constructive, giving them enough information to put into practice with their next application.


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