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Anxiety and Depression – online counselling

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

There you are about to go to work and this overwhelming feeling of nervousness, stress, the inability to walk out the door.  You feel like you are going crazy.  All you want to do is to go back to bed and be left alone.  You feel you can’t cope with meeting any people today.  The emotions are indescribable.  Your mind feels like it’s going crazy.  The sweat is seeping through your clothes….it can’t be a heart attack.  Your breathing is short.  You are suffering from Anxiety.

Welcome to the reality of anxiety/panic attacks.  Not the nicest to say the least.  They can strike anywhere, anytime depending upon how much sleep you have had, what your stress level is like, how your health is and what is happening in your life at that time.

You see, your body has this flight/fight defense mechanism. It part of our survival mechanism.  But when you have kept pushing and pushing your body, you keep pushing your stress levels and don’t give yourself time to recuperate. Your body remains in flight/fight mode causing your body to experience heightened anxiety and bring on panic attacks.  Then little things start to trigger your survival mechanisms.  The off button disappears.

Can I ever get over anxiety/panic attacks?

Yes and no.  Getting over a panic attack can mean you will never have them again.  What you can learn is how to deal with the attacks.  Work out what triggers them and then learn to deal with them as they happen.  It’s about changing your mindset.  Being honest with yourself and addressing your thoughts, which impact your feelings and behaviour.  Your thoughts have an incredible influence over your mental and physical being.

I take a three pronged approach :

Look at the cycle of thoughts, feelings and behaviour. From there we start to question your self-talk and then change your mindset.  You see the brain is very powerful in how the body reacts.  Having more conscious control over your thoughts in many cases helps you to keep control over your physical and emotional reactions.  We talk about your thoughts.  What you think brings on feelings.  These feelings then control your behaviour.  But then, you start to question your feelings which is a second layer which brings on another new behaviour.

thoughts feelings actions

Nutrition. Anyone who is experiencing anxiety and panic attacks is usually low or depleted in Vitamins C, B especially and minerals such as magnesium.  Addressing your nutrition at the same time approaches anxiety from a holistic perspective.  Be careful of your sugar and coffee intake.  Many foods can trigger an anxiety attack.  It’s about monitoring this over a period of time.

Relaxation techniques.  Breathing and positive self talk.  This is something you can learn which will be invaluable time and time again.

You know, anxiety is such a debilitating way to be both mentally and physically I think anyone that says “get over it” or “you’ll be ok” really has no idea on what it’s like.  Do I know what it’s like?  Yes just under 10 years ago I had to take a week off work as I felt absolutely crippled from the experience.  Do I still suffer with anxiety?  Occasionally from time to time.  It’s usually if I have allowed myself to be exposed to stressful events or if I have been pushing myself too hard physically and mentally.

Let me work with you and let’s see how we can get on top and manage this.  Life is too precious not to be participating.


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Depression affects so many people in so many different ways it’s difficult to summarize it all on this one page.  There can be depression from the loss of a loved one and this is perfectly normal.  You lean to work through the issues to regain your feet again over  a period of time.  Then there is clinical depression which really does have a major impact on your ability to carry out day to day functions.

If you have been diagnosed with clinical depression, you may be under the guidance of your GP together with a psychiatrist or psychologist.  Or maybe you have decided you don’t want to do either and would rather work with with a Social Worker/Counsellor.

I take a holistic approach.  I look at your whole life, your social, biological, physical and spiritual aspects of your life.  Depression just doesn’t occur on it’s own. There are usually events leading up to a life changing diagnoses such as clinical depression.  People are complex creatures and simply don’t fit into boxes.

It’s a bit of a jigsaw puzzle.  Working out where all the pieces fit and helping you to find a better way of living without the cloud hanging over your head.  Again, I look at your nutrition which will always have an impact on your moods and mental health.


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