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Grief and Loss – online counselling
It’s a new journey

Grief is something we will all experience at some time in our life. It can be from the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, the death of a pet or changes within your life. The feelings and emotions experienced during these times are normal.

I know it is not easy to deal with grief alone.  Grief can emotionally ‘rip your heart out’.  It is almost impossible for someone else to understand your feelings and emotions if they have not experienced the same type of grief.

This is why I have chosen to offer online counselling.  Sometimes you can’t get to a counsellor and you need to someone to read your words.  Writing your feelings down sometimes provides an emotional outlet.  Receiving a written response gives you words that you can re-read anytime, anywhere.  Email is very cathartic experience for many and it’s the beginning of the healing journey.

How can I possibly get any benefit from email couselling?

Many people find that writing is life changing. Especially if there is no one to talk to at that moment.  Email counselling is just that.  It’s a place to write down all your thoughts without fear of being judged.  The beauty of email counselling is that you can watch your journey, reflect back, see how far you have come and how you deal with new challenges.

Grief is so different for everyone, me included.  I have lost some very special people and very special pets.  The feelings will always be there but my life keeps evolving and through this I can be there for people like yourself.  How?  I understand.

Let me help you start your healing process now.

I’ve just lost someone close to me and I’m totally lost I don’t know where to turn

This is a huge loss and a big change in your life. You have been used to sharing your life, your feelings and emotions and now that has gone. Your body is doing its best to maintain health and wellbeing but your feelings and your emotions, well it’s like riding the world’s biggest rollercoaster.
Having a place where you can simply let go of how you are feeling, a place to cry and feel safe. Having someone to help you rebuild your life in your own time. Whatever feels right for you. I walk with you through this journey helping you to manage and to find that new pathway.

Is it normal to feel like this?

The most common grief reactions are loss of sleep, a change in appetite and a  lack of motivation.  Having the chance to express how you are feeling and talking about your pain and how you are reacting to your pain you will find things will change in time.

Some people seek solace in overworking, alcohol, drugs, attaching themselves to items and even contemplate suicide.

Grief really hurts, the pain is so intense and your life will never be the same.   No one ever said it was going to be over in a few weeks.  If you have people close to you saying “pick yourself up” or “time will heal” then maybe you could seek company elsewhere for the time being or tell them what they are saying is not helpful.

You deserve to be listened to.  You deserve to be with someone that will let you express your feelings of hurt, anger and complete devastation. You deserve all of that.

How long will my grief last, I can’t keep going on like this and I can’t keep talking to my friends about how I feel.

Your grieving is individual. Grief doesn’t really leave your life. You just learn how to manage and cope better. It’s about starting from a new place. While your friends mean well and good friends will always be there, no matter what, it may be time to speak with someone who is not close to you. This way you don’t feel as if you are imposing.
Therapists who specialize in grief and loss do so because it’s their passion and they know how to connect in a positive way. It’s important to find a therapist who you feel comfortable with. A good therapist will listen and not tell you what stage you should be going through and how long it will last.

All I feel like doing is crying but I can’t keep doing this

And why not? Crying is the way your body releases its emotions and stress. Just imagine a pressure cooker and not allowing the pressure to be released. It will explode. Crying is how your body releases pressure. I promise you, the crying won’t last for the rest of your life………Go with your emotions.

How will I know I am managing my grief better?

Think of waves on the beach. Early into your grief the waves just keep coming and coming and you can’t see a calm break in between the waves. Then slowly the time between each wave gets longer.
Want someone to speak to who understands? Want to know how to move through your emotions to start living again?

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